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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 4, 2010 5:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the country every year. >> i think hundreds, maybe, maybe more accurate. but it is true that they've made a terrible, terrible nuisance of themselves and they have preyed on families at their most vulnerable times. but i think most americans respect these families and respect their -- their desire to be left alone at this time. you're right. this -- >> got to go. got to hand it off to wolf blitzer. i have a feeling we'll continue this conversation come wednesday. jeff toobin, appreciate you calling in at 35k. time to send it up to wolf blitzer in the situation room. the democrats' new state of crisis. will obama will be to blame for the long-time senate seat in west virginia. less than a month before election day. also, what do you need to know about the terror threat in europe right now and the alert for american travelers. reading the fine print, looking
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to see what the u.s. is doing to protect you. a high-voltage accident terrorizing one of the busiest ports. it's costing the economy millions and millions of dollars. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." up first. this hour, a fresh target of the exploding violence and chaos in pakistan with enormous ramifications for the united states. today attackers struck yet another convoy carrying fuel to u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan suspicion falling on the taliban. brian todd is working this story for us. what are you learning, brian? >> two critical security situations regarding the convoys that supply the u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan. first, what wolf just mentioned. the tax in the last four days on convoys bringing the supplies to u.s. forces on afghanistan.
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the trucks bringing the supplies to the border, they were all attacked over the last several days. they've claimed responsibility for two of the ambushes and created a special squad to target nato supply operations in pakistan. three of the attacks have been in areas where the taliban operates. one of them in the southern pakistani region is unusual. that's where the port city of karachi is and the taliban doesn't usually operate around there. peter bergen told me that attack can send province a message to the taliban to allied forces, we can hit you anywhere, wolf. >> another situation, the pakistanis, allies over there. they're blocking some convoys that are supposed to be helping the u.s. and afghanistan as well? >> yes, they are. that has been going on since last week. the border gate called torqim is closed and has been since last week. pakistani officials have blamed nato cross border helicopter fire for the deaths of three pakistani soldiers last week.
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they had nato supplies from crossing that gate to afghanistan. it's to protect the convoys and their drivers. they tell us local citizens are angry about the nato attacks. they say these areas are not under the full control of the pakistani government. the pakistani official just told me they ought to let the convoys go through in the next few days. very tense situation in that border area. >> based on everything you're hearing, how did the actions affect the u.s. war effort in afghanistan right now. >> pentagon official told us they're not affecting them so much yet. in afghanistan, nato, and u.s. forces all have those supplies. the region that the gate goes to is critical. most of the supplies go to nato forces in afghanistan go through there. they may not be able to take much of a blockade before longer before they start hurting.
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>> a delegate moment indeed. a lot of questions surrounding a deadly attack in pakistan. this one, a suspected drone strike in the northwest. was it linked to a new u.s. travel alert in europe? and deep concerns about a possible new al qaeda plot? cnn's fred pliken is in afghanistan. wolf, the alleged drone strike happen in the near ali area in waziristan which is the place with the taliban and al qaeda tend to be. and also other militant groups as well. two independent pakistani government sources who tell us that the eight people kill in this drone attack were, in fact, german citizens. they say it was three missiles that hit a compound and said all of those kill in that compound were, in fact, german citizens. now, we do have to be very careful about this information because anyone who's ever been at the site of a missile or drone strike knows that it's often very difficult to determine who was inside a building or car or whatever was
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hit there. and in many cases, it's actually only dna evidence and later shows who was actually inside that area. one of the things, however, if this is in fact true that's interesting is whether or not the eight germans were related to the possible european terror plot that we know now apparently originated in germany. so that's something that we're currently looking into to see whether or not the group that these people are apparently a part of is, in fact, related to the possible terror plot. we know, of course, from american intelligence officials that increased drone strikes have been happening in the north waziristan area because, in part, in relation to that possible european terror plot, so far, you have to be careful with the information. we're still looking at the details of what's going on there, wolf? >> thank you very much. closer to home, many voters are starting to pay attention to the battle with congress with the election only 29 days away.
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the democrats are scrambling to hold on to the majority in the senate. they're trying to prop themselves up in places they had hoped to be strong right now. a surprising vulnerable spot happens to be west virginia where robert byrd was unbeatable for five decades. the fight for his seat is considered a tossup right now where senior correspondent dana bash is in morgantown, west virginia with more. what are you seeing there, dana? >> this was supposed to be a shoe-in for the democratic governor joe manchin to take robert byrd's old seat. but the repuicans have decided to pour millions of dollars here. they think he's beatable. look, he's the most popular governors, democrats or republican in the whole country. but his problem is that the president is it decidedly unpopular here. the republicans are trying to tie the two together. northwestern virginia governor joe manchin's pumpkin
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day parade and it's obvious, voters really like him. >> everybody is out, huh? >> do they want to send manchin to washington as their senator? a stunning number say no. >> he does a great job here. i voted for him both times he's ran here in west virginia. but going to washington, that scares me to death. >> frustration with democrats in washington is making the popular governor's race for senate surprisingly competitive. >> they like you as governor and they're not sure they want you, a democrat, to be the one they sent to washington, d.c. they're so mad. >> democrats in washington are in control. absolutely, it resonates to that. the bottom line is, people don't want governments on their back and they want them out of their pock. >> how much is the president, in all honesty, dragging you down and making this race difficult for you. >> i think it's made a big difference in my race. it truly has made a difference in my race. >> in what way. >> president obama is not on the ballot. >> the republican opponent is
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trying to convince voters otherwise. >> i'm john raese and i approve of this message because i won't be a rubber stands. >> exactly. no rubber stamps. that says it all. >> john raese is a wealthy gop businessman who's run and lost three statewide races. >> i kid the tea party to me. when i -- >> he wants to abolish the departments of education, energy, and the irs and wants to end minimum wage. >> minimum wage is something that franklin delano roosevelt put in in the depression. it didn't work in the depression, it won't work now. >> raese, manchin argues, is out of step. >> in washington, there's an expanding entitlement mentality that we don't adhere to in west virginia. >> earlier this year, manchin said he supported it. he wants to repeal all but a
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handful of conditions like no discrimination for pre-existing conditions. >> that's a good start. start with that. repeal the rest of it. start with what you agree on. >> and the stimulus bill? >> had you been in washington, and be a senator, would you vote against it? >> the expansion of that. that's not who i am. >> is challenged, convincing conservative voters in this state that the governor they like is the senator they want. now, we should note that the state of west virginia was allotted about $1.5 billion in stimulus money and governor joe manchin didn't use it all and what he used used it judiciously. he didn't take it because the state is not in dire financial straits as others in the country. the deficit has gone down since he has been here. unemployment is lower than the national level. those are all issues he's been using on the campaign trail pleading with people to send him to washington. republicans say they have their
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sights here. they're hoping this is one of the seats across the country that's in democratic hands that they can make republican in november. wolf? all right, dana, thank you. dana in west virginia covering that race. democrats meanwhile are more talking about the control of the house. gloriaborger speaking to some of the democrats named the majority of the house of representatives. do we see evidence that things are tightening or getting worse for them right now. >> of course, they say, things are tightening. look, they understand that this is a tough environment for them. they were on the other side of this in 2006 and 2008 where the democrats picked up 55 seats. but in talking to them this morning, they said, look, the republicans have clearly not closed the deal here yet. and even republicans admit they need 39 seats. republicans admit they've only got about half of those, they think, in the bag. the others are up for grabs. what democrats said to me this
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morning, look, the numbers on the enthusiasm gap are tightening. the more barack obama is out there, the better it is for us. they have better quality candidate. when they were recruiting the candidates, the environment was looking good for democrats. they have a lot of good candidates out there. the candidates are not going to be as vetted as theirs. they also say the district-by-district polling which they're doing now almost every day is looking better and better. again, that's the spin on it. >> the turnout will be critical now. >> absolutely. spending a lot of money on turnout. the way to turn out your voters is not only to do with door knocking. knock on 200,000 doors every weekend. also get the ads up that motivate the base. today they learned that the house republicans are going up with ads on the 49 districts. the democrats are going to go up
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36 districts could spend about $50 million on that, wolf, that's a lot of money. lit be real hand-to-hand combat. they told me they had barely begun. and i was told -- here's the quote -- from a senior democratic campaign official that there will be an intensity to our ads. so you can expect a lot of negative, targeted campaigning out there. people are going to be sick of this. >> for weeks. a lot can happen. >> this is when intensity starts a week ago, you can see the ads come up. and you're going to be seeing a lot of folks showing up at your door telling them to get out and vote for a party. >> thanks very much. >> sure. >> the father of a fallen u.s. marine is about to get his day in court. the united states supreme court. did anti-gay activists have a right to protest at his son's funeral. kate bald wynn spoke to him. about to come before the high court. and donald trump speaks out
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about a mysterious poll that has people wondering if -- if he'll run for president. a. >> tom and alex and terrific partners and zenith --
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secretary of state hillary clinton at the white house today. could she have an office there one of these days. jack cafferty has the cafferty file. jack? >> think about it as ali-frazier ii, the rematch.
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hillary clinton decided to challenge obama for the democratic nomination in a couple of years. gallup is looking at that hypothetical matchup. 37% of democrats say they would support clinton. 52% said they would support obama. and in the margin of error, four points, and it's not that far apart. the poll shows president obama does better with college graduates, liberals. clinton has a better showing amongst less well educated democrats and does slightly better among women than men. history shows that presidents with relatively low job approval ratings headed to re-election are more vulnerable to challenges from within their own party. it happened when ronald reagan went after gerald ford and when ted kennedy and jerry brown both challenged jimmy carter. right now, president obama's approval rating is in the mid 40s. we have a couple of years before the election and two years from politics a long time. depending on the economy, the president's policies, and the
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variable variables that his approval rating could sink further. as for clinton, it's not likely she'll challenge the president. she said on the record she's absolutely not interested in running again for president. although she has suggested she doesn't envision serving as secretary of state in a second obama term -- if that happens. may not. here's the question. if hillary clinton challenges president obama for the democratic nomination in 2012? woman would you support? go to file and cast your vote. >> intriguing question indeed. president obama sure to face a major challenge in 2012, and likely not just from republicans. some are now suggesting that there could be a serious third party candidate in the works. talk about that with david gergen. thomas friedman writing in "the new york times" yesterday said this -- i continue to be astounded by the level of disgust with washington, d.c.
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and our two-party system. so much so that i am ready to hazard a prediction. barring a transformation to the democratic and reic parties, there's going to be a serious two-party candidate in 2012 with a serious movement behind him or her. one big enough to affect the election's outcome. do you agree with that, david? >> it's possible. it would take a lot to overcome traditions. as you know, there hasn't been a new third party in 150 years. the system discourages it. we get insurgencies such as the tea party that do influence the politics but they tend not to become third parties. there's a difference this time, wolf, and one with serious respect. there are millions of americans who sort of consider themselves moderate, who do not find it
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comfort to believe be associated with nancy pelosi or john boehner or sarah bay lynn palin right. if there's a vehicle that came together, mike bloomberg is mention in this regard, it might have a chance of success under certain conditions. >> he's a billionaire, a multibillionaire, i should say. he could self-fund it. the last time we saw that, as you remember, was ross perot. at one point, he was doing remarkably well if you remember back in '92. >> in '92, there was a time he was ahead of bill clinton ahead of the republican nominee. for whatever reasons, he fell apart, dropped back, got back in. still had an influence in moving the country toward dealing with deficits. it was a positive influence. but back to bloomberg for a second. you know, he looked at this in 2008 and decided not to run. he thought he maybe could win the popular vote, i'm told, by people close to him.
5:20 pm
thought maybe he could win the popular vote. couldn't win the electoral college. people close to him said one circumstance under which he might run and he might do it in 2012 is if the economy is still in a real hole and barack obama continues to be unpopular. he's unpopular with the economy. and that would open up the middle in a way that bloomberg -- mike bloomberg who's extremely well respected in new york might take a shot at it. >> obama versus palin, that would create an opportunity for the third party candidate. that's what you're saying? >> right. exactly right. >> if the economy didn't udoesn't come back. >> if the economy weren't in a mess. somewhere around 10%. we'll watch. michael bloomberg, see if he'll get re-elected the last time around. see if he wants to spend a few hundred million of his own money. >> he could change the
5:21 pm
conversation to back to the middle as opposed to having it on the sides -- on the wings. >> good point. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> could donald trump be considering a run for president? 2012? you're going to hear how he's responding to some new rumors out there. and new hope for the thousands of patients suffering from the same type of brain cancer that took the life of senator ted kennedy. details just out. a major new study. dr. sanjay gupta will have a report. what's around the corner is one of life's great questions.
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some of the other top stories in the situation right
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now. donald trump, rumors of a topo ten shl run in 20 -- to a potential run in 2008. what's going on? >> he knows nothing about a mysterious new hampshire poll naming him as a possible presidential contender. according to "time" magazine, residents received phone calls last month about several gop candidates for 2012 and trump was one of them. he tells cnn a presidential run is not something he considered. but somebody has to do something to help the country. and the man overseeing the claims related to the massive bp oil spill, something not to be compensated. feinberg said the distance from the spill site would determine eligibility for the claim. bp pledged $20 billion for the funding. about $1 billion of that has been paid. and screen legend tony curtis is laid to rest today.
5:26 pm
he was eulogized by the likes of california governor arnold swats neger. jamie lee curtis teared up as she remembered her father saying, quote, we are all evidence of him. he star in more than 150 films. he died yesterday at the age of 85. quite a career. jack lemmon, tony curtis, marilyn monroe, "some like it hot." love that movie. the supreme court is starting the first term. do anti-gay activists have a free speech right to protest at military funerals. men and women in congress that they are their own worst enemies. what's this option? that's new.
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you're in "the situation room," happening now, attacks paralyzed nato supply convoys heading from pakistan to afghanistan. could the deadly violence signal the taliban's rising influence? plus, foreclosures from three major banks come to a stand still after new questions about how the paperwork was handled. now thousands of cases are in limbo. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." imagine seeing protesters and signs like this when you're about to bury a son or daughter kill in the line of duty.
5:30 pm
it's been a harsh reality for some military families. the center of one of the first cases for the u.s. supreme court that begins today. kate baldwin is working the story for us. tell our viewer what is is going on. >> free speech versus the privacy rights of grieving families highly emotional and played out across the country at funerals of fallen soldiers. we should note that some of the material here may be disturbing to some viewers. marine lance corporal matthew snyder was 20 years old when he was killed in iraq. >> tell me about march 3, 2006, the day you found out that he was killed? >> it was probably the worst day of my life. if you lose a parent or an orphan, if you lose a spouse, a widow or a widower. but if you lose a child, there's not a word to describe it. >> after all of this time, the pain is --
5:31 pm
>> it's still there. it's still there. no different. >> albert snyder said that was only the beginning of the nightmare for his family. >>. ♪ america america ♪ >> members of the kansas-based west borrow church led by fred phelps picketed outside of the funeral as they've done at military funerals hundreds of times before. the church believes soldiers are dying because god is punishing the country for, quote, the sin of homosexuality. mat thigh snyder was not gay. >> i'm sorry they raised their son for the devil in hell. i'm sorry they let him have anything to do with the [ bleep ]. army. >> it's held here. albert snyder preparing to bury his only son. here, nearby, on this public street is where the west borrow church members gathered for their angry protest, triggering this constitutional battle. >> it comes down to dignity -- no one -- i don't care if you're
5:32 pm
not military, no one should be buried with what the folks did to them. >> snyder sued for defamation and invasion of privacy. >> they're harassing a family to hijack someone else's private event. >> the phelps family argues they're protected by the rights of free speech and religious freedom. the church's speech was publish issue speech, highly disliked and needing protection. >> whey hwa they want to do is they want to litigate our religious dock run. well, you don't do that in america. >> the phelpses have is the support of free speech advocates and media groups. albert snyder has the support of 40 members of state and congress. >> why do you want to take this fight on?
5:33 pm
>> so other people don't have to go through the same thing that we went through. >> several state efforts statewide on funerals. the justices weigh in. >> not going to be easy for them to come up with a decision on this. good report. back to the capitol. a very stern message to members of congress right now for people who used to be in their shoes. our congressional correspondent brianna keiler is here in the situation room. the former members of congress, they're not pleased right now, are they? >> this is kind of the old guard telling the newer guys that they should behave, wolf. a bipartisan group of 130 plus members of congress. they sent this message to every senator who's up for re-election, every member of the house of representatives and their opponents. it implores them to, quote, conduct campaigns for congress with decency and respect toward
5:34 pm
opponents, to be truthful in presenting information about self and opponents. to engage in good faith debates about the issues and each other's record. to refrain from personal attack. and, if elected, to behave. this is asking a lot of candidates in the hotly contested election season. david xagss, a democrat from colorado and john porter, a republican from illinois say these times call for bipartisanship. i spoke with congressman porter. >> the problems are as bad as anyone i think in this country has seen them for the future of our country, and certainly the tactics are so much political posturing, so much character assassination. all of the wrong things at a time we need to come together and address these problems as one. >> a lot of people look at the letter and say, okay, here's the reality check. what kind of difference do you expect to make in this climate? >> i can only raise the issue
5:35 pm
and hope that people understand that we are not getting the job done. that congress is not getting the job done. and these problems are very, very serious for the future of our country and for our children and grandchildren. >> both men are pointing at voters and the media to call for and expect actual debate from candidates and not to settle for the name calling and the nastiness, wolf. >> go after the members of congress. call them out when they suspect bad behavior there? >> i asked them that. a lot of them comes to mind. i said to the former congressman, are you going to highlight it and put it on the hot seat. he said that's not our role. that's the role of the media. he pointed a lot to the media as did some members on this letter that were on a conference call today saying you can't just focus on the squeaky wheel. you can't accept inciteful language, you have to hold the candidates' feet to the fire. >> see what happens. thanks, brianna.
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kate baldwin is back monitoring some of the other top
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stories in the situation room right now including a major victory for the california governor, arnold schwarzenegger. what do we have here, kate? listen to this one, wolf. arnold schwarzenegger is praising a order upholding his furloughed workers. they're charged with taking three days off a month. someone sued on the grounds it was unconstitutional. schwarzenegger said the furloughs are necessary to keep the state functioning. officials in alabama are charging 11 people in connection with a corruption scene that's being called, quote, astonishing in scope. the suspects who consist of, get this, lawmakers, lobbyists, and business owners allegedly bribed members of the state legislature for votes and influence on the state legislation. among other things, charges include conspiracy, extortion, obstruction of justice, and wire fraud. the palestinian government
5:40 pm
is condemning what it calls an attack on the settlers on a mosque in west bank. four people tried to set fire to the mosque burning carpets and korans. the price tag sprayed on the walls. israel denounced the vandalism and is conducting an investigation. and just days after being released from the hospital, former president jimmy carter is swinging his hammer. the former president participated in a housing project here in washington to help mark world habitat day. carter was hospitalized for two days last week with a stomach virus he now feels perfectly okay. he is. if he's out doing hard labor, wolf. >> he had a viral infection, hope he's completely back to normal. appreciate it very much, kate. thank you, glad to see the president is feeling better. by the way, i'm interviewing the former vice president, walter mondale. he was jimmy carter's running ma mate, former vice president in the next hour. i think you're going to see this interview with walter mondale.
5:41 pm
allegations just hours before the candidate s meet eac other face-to-fail. you're going to see why this question is at the center of one of the country's most contentious senate races.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
four weeks to go to the election. the ads are getting tougher and tougher. let's discuss in our strategy sessions, two political contributors, the democratic strategist, donna brazil, and ed rawlings. let's talk about connecticut first. linda mcmahon, the republican candidate is running against her democratic opponent, richard
5:44 pm
blumenthal, watch this. >> would you lie about serving in a war? >> we have learned something very important since the days that i served in vietnam. >> he lied about vietnam. what else is he lying about? >> all right, let me go to donna first. he served in the marine corps in the vietnam war. but he never served in vietnam. "the new york times" broke the story a few months ago. how poignant, how impressive could this ad be in helping her. this race is closer than a lot of pundits thought it would be. >> you know, wolf, the story has been out for several months. and mr. blumenthal has a terrific record of public service has been able to weather the storm. ms. mcmahon had some terrible weeks. she suggested we should lower the minimum wage. there are allegations that she's been a lobbyist when she said she's not.
5:45 pm
and there's another with the association with the important industry with girls gone wild, which, by the way, i have no idea what that means. and the fact of the matter -- i hear you laughing, let's not reveal anything here tonight. but the truth is ms. mcmahon cannot buy her way out of some of the controversy she's created by running the attack ads. mr. blumenthal will do well to debate. the voters know his record and i think they're poised to elect him as the next senator from the nutmeg state. >> she's doing well in the polls at a democratic state. >> this issue, why blumenthal came out and he didn't do it once, he did it on numerous occasions, basically, talking about when he was in vietnam, he wasn't. and he certainly served his country by being in the marines. it's an exaggeration. why people exaggerate the resumes when they're running for office is one of the great absurdities to me. >> he didn't have to. he served for six years in the marine corps reserves honorably.
5:46 pm
that should have been enough. >> no one cared. it did raise some issues and some judgment issues and integrity issues. when it first came out in "the new york times," it did close this race up and to a certain extent reminding voters of it one more time will make a competitive race more competitive. you have to understand, voters are now starting to vote in these states. not four weeks from now. many of the states the people start voting early. >> after all of the revelations and all of her slick ads and everything else, she's spending her personal approval rating is at 53%. so i don't think these kind of attacks will work against someone who's known in the state as having a strong record of public service. you can talk about the issues. she's trying to distract voters from recent negative press on the minimum wage in the girls gone wild video. >> it's a powerful ad that she has. let me get you to weigh in on what we're calling the headlines of the day. donna, talk a little bit about what you saw today as the headline that you want to discuss. >> "washington post" -- we've known for several weeks
5:47 pm
that there's been some outrageous spending by the third party troops. the uptick in the amount of money being spent mainly by conservatives funding all of the races across the country. so "the washington post" had a strong headline today warning us that these organizations have been increasing their spending and they're likely to try to change the outcome of some of the races in the country. spending is up by $220 million. that's up by $135 million this same period two years ago. so i think it's time for these organizations to disclose their donors and let the american people know who's behind the funding of these campaigns. >> what headline jumped out at you, sned. >> the speaker of "the new york times" piece talked about the democrats getting down and dirty in the campaigns. the democrats have bragged all about the things they've done to
5:48 pm
the american public. that hasn't worked. they're going back to the old attack themes. opposition research going down -- doing the kinds of things that ms. mcmahon was accused of there. at the end of the day, it's not a very honorable way to try to hold the majority. what happens is when you throw spitballs late, often times the negatives come back on your own side. >> what i hear you say is as ugly as it is right now, the next four weeks, guys, it's going to get even uglier. you know what? we'll watch it together with both of you. donna, ed, thank you. jack cafferty is asking if hillary clinton challenges president obama for the democratic nomination in 2012, who would you support also? thousands of bank foreclose euros now on hold because paperwork fell into what's being described as a black hole. teetering electric tower at the center of a paralyzing port accident. stand by to find out what's happening there right now. is spending too much money on printing. i'd like to put you in charge of cutting costs.
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jack is back with "the cafferty file." jack? >> if hillary clinton challenges president obama for the nomination in 2012, who would you support? brian in louisiana says, i'd support hillary. she's a fighter, which is why the republicans hated her and
5:52 pm
called her names. obama is too weak and unwilling to fight for what he believes n in. just before he gives the republicans everything they ask for. sandy in arizona says that's a tough call for an extreme hillary backer who would love to see her become the first woman president of the u.s. but i think president obama deserves a second term. so i'd have to support him. it's truly a moot point, however. hillary will not run against him in 2012. paul writes, whoever shaped up better against the competition. in this hyper partisan, antiincumbent fever that's infected the country, i'd say hillary. she's poised, smart, and hasn't done anything to tick off the electorate. janice says, i doubt hillary clinton will challenge the president, however, i would enjoy a debate between clinton and sarah palin if they were the nominees. clinton would show palin no mercy. chris writes, the answer is "c," the republican who is running against either one of them. sarah says, i'm disappointed enough with obama to consider
5:53 pm
clinton. i've already started looking around. so far, i don't see a moderate republican i like. and marcia writes, in 2008 i was torn, but i voted for obama. in 2012, clinton. absolutely. she's shown her mettle beyond a doubt and bill has behaved himself. if you want to read more, you'll find it on my blog. >> jack, a lot of people don't think she'll challenge president obama, but a lot of people do think she might replace joe biden as the president's runningimate in 2012 because she might strengthen that ticket. i don't know if you have any thoughts on that. >> actually, i don't. >> none? >> no. >> all right. think about it then. we'll discuss later. >> i'll do that. >> thank you, jack. it's the first day on the job for the supreme court's newest justice, but elena kagan could end up sitting out many of the cases. you'll find out why. plus, there's hope for patients with brain cancer that took the life of senator ted kennedy. we're getting new information.
5:54 pm
dr. sanjay gupta has a report. senokot-s for occasional constipation associated with certain medications. find the relief that's right for you and get a $10 rebate at
5:55 pm
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if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than 2 weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. here's a look at some hot shots. in egypt, a car waits at the starting line of an off-road vehicle rally. in australia, entertainers perform at the anniversary of an amusement park. in india, firework at the commonwealth games. and in switzerland, elephants from the circus bathe in lake
5:57 pm
geneva. hot shots, pictures worth a thousand words. a new study could spell new hope for thousands of those suffering with the same form of brain cancer that took the life of the late senator ted kennedy. it involves a new treatment, a type of vaccine that can actually prolong survival. and when the preliminary results were made public in june, the benefits were dramatic. our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, has been following this trial for a while and met with patients and doctors nearly two years ago. >> i heard you also volunteered to do a spinal tap today for us. >> yes. >> reporter: this is karen. she's bracing for another painful procedure. you see, she's got cancer. brain cancer. a killer tumor. >> glioblastoma, this is typically thought of as the worst type of tumor. why? >> oh, because left untreated, the -- the patient succumbs to
5:58 pm
disease quickly. >> reporter: even with treatment, average survival is barely a year. >> oh, good to meet you. >> reporter: here at the preston robert tish brain tumor center, karen found hope. an experimental vaccine. it has a futuristic name. it's named cdx-110. itcuss the body's immune system to attack tumor cells. it won't work on every patient. just those who tumors make one particular protein. in those patients, it goes off like a smart bomb. now karen gets a shot, a painmal one, every month. but look at the results. we were able to pay her another visit, a full year later. remember, most patients don't even live that long. >> it's been about a year and a half. as long as the vaccine works, then i'll be getting the monthly shots. and when it doesn't work, then i'm in trouble.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: dr. john stampson helped develop the treatment. what can we say about this vaccine now, in terms of educating a patient about it? what does it promise? >> we're always careful not to overpromise what something can deliver. this is still in an experimental stage. patients are living two to three times longer with the vaccine. >> reporter: study results were less dramatic, but compared to standard therapy, the vaccine nearly doubled cerevival time. as much as six years in some cases with no signs of returning cancer. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. you're in "the situation room." right now, the second largest port in the united states shut down right now as a massive high-voltage tower leans
6:00 pm
precariously over the shipping channel. and elainea kagan makes her supreme court debut and promptly disappeare disappeared. why is she opting out of hearing two dozen cases? i'm wolf blitzer. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- terror concerns prompt a travel alert for americans visiting western europe, but the alert itself is vague and the threat is unspecified, leaving many people wondering exactly what is going on. u.s. officials say they have credible information but at the same time, they say they don't want to discourage people from traveling to europe. so just how real is this terror threat right now? our homeland security correspondent, jean meserve, is working this story for us. what are you picking up? >> u.s. officials insist they do not have specific information about targets, modes of attack or timing, but the intelligence
6:01 pm
is so troubling and there's so much of it the u.s. government decided it had to give travelers a heads-up. european airports, railroads, ferries, hotels could be terror targets for al qaeda and its affiliates, the u.s. says. >> we are saying to american citizens, continue with your travel plans. you know, if they include europe. but be cautious and be aware that we are following, you know, multiple streams of threat information. >> reporter: one of those streams indicates terrorists with western passports could try a mumbai-style commando attack at multiple locations in europe. but as one official says, there is nothing definitive about when, where, or how. the fbi and homeland security issued a bulletin asking u.s. law enforcement to be vigilant. it notes that al qaeda operatives have deployed in the u.s. in the past and references
6:02 pm
recent attacks involving small arms. in the words of one u.s. law enforcement official, no one is running around excited here about potential attacks in the united states, but the intelligence is being carefully watched. >> i want to emphasize our guard remains up. our attention remains focused on the united states as well. and there is a good basis for that. >> reporter: americans traveling to europe didn't seem fazed by the alert. >> i'm concerned, but i actually made a decision that i'm not going to let it stop my trip. >> i'm not trying to diminish what the government is trying to do, but you have to live your life. >> what are you going to do? i can't let those people terrorize me. >> some critics say the travel alert is too vague to be of much use, but the u.s. government is recommending that americans register their travel plans with the state department, avoid public disturbances, and keep their eyes open, be aware, vigilant, and report anything suspicious. wolf? >> thank you, jean. two pakistani officials tell
6:03 pm
cnn eight suspected german militants have been killed in what appears to be a drone attack in the northwest part of pakistan. our senior international correspondent, nick robertson, is following what's going on. he's joining us from hamburg, germany, to help us connect the dots. nick, you're just down the street from the source of one of the intelligence reports behind this threat at a mosque we've reported on before. what are you learning? >> well, this is the mosque of mohammed atah. it's the same place that the group that went to pakistan to terror training camps and the individuals in u.s. custody providing this information about the possibility of these mumbai-style attacks across europe, this is where they came from. sudeaky himself was a friend of atah's. sources here tell us that the
6:04 pm
government was aware that this mosque was a hotbed of extremism, that they'd been monitoring the extremists there. even thoeir sources allege that the imam there was allowing radicalization. despite all of that, despite the close attention, this group still managed to put together a plan and take off for those terror training camps, wolf. >> nic, if the intelligence is coming from germany where you are, why is the that none of the countries in western europe are raising their threat level or issuing similar alerts to folks there right now? >> you know, the interior minister here said that people shouldn't get alarmed about the travel advisory. the sources we talked to here are very sensitive about hamburg and germany being sort of seen as a new al qaeda spot. they are not raising their threat level. the reality is that when there have been plots in germany in
6:05 pm
the past, u.s. service personnel and american citizens have been the target of those planned attacks. they were thwarted before back in 2007, a huge amount of explosives discovered with that group. they've been sent to jail. but that's the reality, that al qaeda is trying to target american citizens. that may be why the u.s. is giving this travel advisory. >> all right, nic. thank you. nic is in hamburg, germany. here in the united states, 15 million verizon customers could be getting some money back. verizon saying it overcharged wireless subscribers and it could total as much as $90 million. the company blaming faulty software for the bogus charges. verizon says the overcharges ranging from $2 to $6 will show up as a credit for current customers over the next couple of month ss. the refund is said to be one of the largest in wireless network history. first, there was the mortgage crisis. hundreds of thousands of home loans in default. now suits are being filed and big questions are being raised
6:06 pm
about foreclosures on homes that might have been saved. it's so bad there's a foreclosure freeze in almost two dozen states right now. mary snow is joining us. she's working this story for us. what raised all of these red flags, mary? >> wolf, in some cases where homeowners were challenging foreclosures, questions were raised about the process through documents. now the office of the control of the currency that regulates national banks has asked them to review the process. triggering the latest ken over foreclosures, cases like this one in massachusetts where a bank of america employee said in a deposition in february that she signed between 7 and 8,000 foreclosure documents a month without reading them because of the sheer volume. similar cases have been reported elsewhere. leading bank of america to delay foreclosures in 23 states. doing the same, ally financial, which used to be gmac, the
6:07 pm
fascial arm of general motors, and jpmorgan chase. as these banks investigate whether there were flaws in their process, one mortgage law professor says it exposes a black hole. >> the faulty paperwork is a symptom of a larger problem. and that larger problem is that the money flew fast, the paperwork didn't, and all that mattered was the bottom line. >> reporter: complicating things, the treasury department says each of the institutions is supervised by multiple federal regulators. and now some states are stepping in to do their own investigation. does it mean that banks will allow people to stay in their homes in the long run? probably not. but there's concern that there will be a deluge of homeowners who may fight against their foreclosures in court. as mark zandi points out, the implications can go far beyond individual mortgage cases. in terms of the big picture, the potential fallout from these
6:08 pm
problems. >> the fallout could be significant if the court system takes a hard line and views this as symptomatic of broader problems and it delays the foreclosure process significantly. then it means that house prices will be weaker for longer and so will our economy. >> wolf, we have reached out to bank of america for comment on that specific massachusetts case that we pointed out. we haven't yet received an immediate response. bank of america did say last week that it wanted to be certain that affidavits have followed correct procedures. wolf? >> all right, mary. thanks. that's the story that affects a lot of folks out there. the u.s. supreme court's new term begins today, and for the second year in a row, there's a new justice. last year it was sonia sotoma r sotomayor. this year it's elena kagan. kagan is sitting out many of the cases. kate baldwin is here to explain why. go ahead and explain. >> justice kagan has already recused herself from about 24
6:09 pm
pending cases. in all, she's likely to withdraw from about a third of the total cases this term. she's doing this to prevent any conflict of interest relating to her former role as solicitor general, the government's chief advocate before the supreme court. this means kagan will not sit on the bench during oral arguments or vote on the outcomes of these cases. among the cases impacted, a very hot-button issue dealing with immigration reform. the court is set to consider in december a challenge to an arizona law cracking down on businesses hiring illegal immigrants. kagan's recusal, of course, then, this is why this is a big deal. it leaves the possibility of split 4-4 decisions. >> 4-4 decisions, and if there's a 4-4 decision, it means there is no decision and the lower court decision stands. >> uh-huh. and what that also means, the supreme court is not setting precedent, which is not the supreme court is supposed to do. one thing that is interesting here, senator patrick leahy has
6:10 pm
proposed legislation about this that would allow retired justices to fill in for their colleagues on the bench if an existing justice recuss himself or herself from the case. some say it's a great idea. others say it's not because the former cystises would be liberals. liberal leaning. and to be quite honest, this proposal is not going anywhere. >> i'm sure it's not going to go anywhere, but it does represent a serious setback for the liberal side of the u.s. supreme court, without her participating in these kinds of decisions, the conservative side could certainly hold sway. >> i mean, the supreme court is about setting precedent. if it's a split decision, they're not really doing their job. the justices' hands are tied. >> when they nominated her, thaw knew this was an issue, but she was confirmed. she's a member of the supreme court, even though she went be participating in about two dozen of these cases. a lot of stuff could happen this year. >> that's right. >> we'll see what happens. very serious matter. thanks. when i interviewed donald
6:11 pm
trump two week us go, we spoke a lot about politics. could there be more to his sharp observations and strong opinions than meet the eye? let's go to jack kacafferty now. a fascinating development, jack. >> "time" magazine has got itself quite a scoop. new hampshire voters were polled on their feelings about donald trump and the 2012 election. the telephone calls asked people about several republican candidates and matchups and included about 30 questions, 30, about trump. voters were reportedly asked if they had heard trump donated to democrats in the past and if they thought his appearances on tv would help or hurt in a political race. "time" doesn't know who paid for this poll in new hampshire. trump told cnn he never heard of the poll, but he's, quote, anxious to find out what it says. he says he didn't commission it and he doesn't know who did. trump also says that he really likes the people of new hampshire because they're strong
6:12 pm
and intelligent people and they know what's happening in the u.s. is wrong. sounds like a politician, doesn't it? trump insists he's not considering a run, but he adds that somebody has to do something or this country is not going to be a great country for long. experts point out the republican field in 2012 is wide open, no clear front-runner, and if trump made a couple of trips to new hampshire and ran some ads, he could become a player pretty fast. last month, trump was in "the situation room." he talked about how president obama is in trouble, how he doesn't know if he can win reelection and how he's never seen the current levels of animosity for our government. here's the question then. do you want to see donald trump run for president? go to my blog. >> anxious to get the answers to that question. jack, thank you. the second largest port in the united states is virtually shut down tonight because of one massive leaning electric tower. the latest on the costly mess in houston. we have details.
6:13 pm
and a former democratic vice president tells me president obama needs to stop reading what he calls idiot boards, the teleprompter, when he gives speeches. you'll hear it for yourself. stand by. and they're nastier than ever. at least some say so. who is really paying for all those political ads? e shipped it too. saved ourselves the hassle. i'm not too sure about this. look at this. [ security agent ] right. you never kick off with sales figures. kicking off with sales figures! i'm yawning. i'm yawning some more. aaaaaaaand... [ snores ] i see your point. yeah. [ snores ] [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who delivers convenience. next time use fedex office. how new is the new edge with myford touch? well you could never do this before. or this. or this. you definitely couldn't do this.
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6:16 pm
it's leaning over the port in houston, and no ships are allowed to go past it, in or out. cnn's ed lavandera explains why. >> reporter: a 300-foot-tall electrical tower is now being held up by a crane in the port of houston ship channel. early sunday morning, a towing vessel pushing three massive barges crashed into the tower. the power lines are drooping too low, and it's brought the nation's second largest port to a virtual standstill. >> the situation is unstable out there right now. the lines are sagging. and we cannot allow any vessels to pass underneath with the unstable situation and the chance of those lines falling in the water. >> reporter: it's a fender-bender that's caused quite the traffic jam. nearly three dozen ships can't get in or nout right now. abo boubout 100 port terminals affected by the shutdown, and every day officials say the port of houston does about $320 million worth of business.
6:17 pm
this crash could leave a billion-dollar dent in the local economy. the electricity has been turned off, but officials are focused now on getting the power lines removed and the leaning tower off the water with a crane called big john. >> once the big john hooks up and takes the load on the tower, center point energy can get up there, disconnect the lines, reel them in, and then we'll cut the base of the tower, pick the tower up and put it on the bank. >> we had 12 people on our boat. >> reporter: the boat traffic jam might be frustrating to those doing business, but a few boaters are enjoying the moment. every year, the houston yacht club organizes a weekend cruise up the channel. this was their weekend. and they've got nowhere to go. >> actually, some of us are kind of happy because we don't have to go to work tomorrow. but don't tell our bosses that. >> did you call your boss? >> not yet. i'm hoping he sees this and he knows what's going on and i'm off the hook. >> the coast guard hoping the power lines and tower will be
6:18 pm
removed by tuesday night and then it will take several more days to get the port traffic back to normal. wolf? >> ed lavandera, thanks. the hot political races are getting hotter as the november election gets closer. you can see it in the ads. we'll show you some of them. and rescue crews get closer to those 33 trapped miners in chile. they're starting to pack up to go home. (announcer) everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. residence inn. can be unsettling. but what if there were a different story?
6:19 pm
of one financial company that grew stronger through the crisis. when some lost their way, this company led the way. by protecting clients and turning uncertainty into confidence. what if that story were true? it is. ♪
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6:21 pm
the race to free those trapped miners is moving faster than expected. indicat
6:22 pm
indicator -- kate, what do you have? >> those miners could be out in ten days. a massive drill is now within 48 hours of punching through to their refuge. some 2,000 feet underground. it would then take several more days to install a metal lining and the rescue capsule. the miners have been trapped down there since august 5th. wow. the justice department has filed an antitrust lawsuit against american express, visa and mastercard. it charges the companies with anticompetitive practices. they prevent merchants from options that cover fees. mastercard and visa have agreed to a settlement to gimerchants more flexibility. american express says it will defend its right to negotiate freely with merchants. and the nobel prize for medle is has been awarded to the father of the test tube baby.
6:23 pm
robert edwards was named for his work in the development of invet row fertilization. his work came to fruition with the birth of the first test tube baby in 1978. since then, his work has led to the births of about 4 million babies. talk about having an impact on lives, wolf. wow. >> it is amazing. congratulations to him. a fiery new attack on a convoy supplying u.s. and nato forces. it's the fourth attack in four days. the imfact on american troops. we have new information. also, caught on tape. the recording that sharron angle probably doesn't want you to hear. she trashes her own party, tries to cut a deal with a rival for more, all of it caught on tape. plus, a former vice president tells me president obama should lose what he calls the idiot boards. you'll hear it yourself. that's coming up. ah. ah. ah. ah. ah. ah. ah. ah.
6:24 pm
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some of the hottest races in the united states are getting even hotter right now with a slew of new ads hitting the air waves and the internet, but many of them aren't necessarily coming from the candidates themselves or even their own parties. our national political correspondent, jessica yellin, has been watching these ads for us. what do you have? >> if you feel like you're seeing political ads this year,
6:27 pm
that's because you are. if you think you're deluged right now, just wait. one of the reasons is because so much more spending is coming in to these ads by outside groups. one of the most prolific is american crossroads. that's the group dedicated to electing republicans and backed in part by karl rove and former rnc chair ed gillespie. we put together here a little sampling of their ads going after democratic senate candidates in pennsylvania, kentucky, and colorado. >> congressman joe sestak voted for obama's health care scheme. billions in job-killing taxes and higher insurance premiums for hard-hit families. >> obama care is taking health care in the wrong direction. and jack conway has gone the wrong way, too. >> michael bennett, his mistakes costing us money. american crosscorroroads is pos for the content of this advertising. >> tomorrow, they'll have new ads in illinois and kentucky.
6:28 pm
>> how are the democrats trying to counter this? >> the main source for democratic outside money comes from unions. it's a variety of them. we still see a lot of ads from the service workers and government employees unions, but there is a new player in the mix. national nurses united. they are running ads against meg whitman in california and against sharron angle in nevada. here's a sampling beginning with one targeting california's latino voters. [ speaking foreign language ] >> while democrats push through a jobs bill that kept the doors open at local schools, hospitals and senior centers, republicans voted to lay off hundreds of thousands of americans. >> here's an extreme angle. here's an even more extreme angell. >> we need to phase medicare out. >> sharron angle, the wrong angle for nevada. >> spending by unions is dwarfed
6:29 pm
by the amount of spending by republican outside groups. >> who is paying for all of these ads? cephalth ceph >> that's an excellent question. you can't track who's paying for all these ads because the supreme court ruling in citizens united does not require transparency. since that ruling, some of these groups have just popped up. overall, the center for public inte integrity expects that outside groups will spend an estimated $500 million in the midterm elections. republican aligned groups have already spent $43 million on tv ads alone. and democratic aligned groups spent $17 million on tv ads. obviously they're paying the bills for those of us in tv, but it's a lot of money going into the political process. >> good for tv stations all over the country. they're making a lot of money on these ads. thanks, jessica. walter mondale had a front-row seat to five decades of political history.
6:30 pm
he writes about it in his book entitled "the good fight." stand by for more. a few things you should know about him first. he made the vice presidency what it is today, shaping carter administration policies. he was the first vp with a west wing office and to have weekly lunches with the president. he delivered one of the most memorable debate lines ever. during his 1984 bid for the democratic presidential nod, mondale took a shot at gary hart using a phrase from a popular wendy's commercial. >> where is the beef? >> he put the first woman on a major party presidential ticket. mondale tapped congresswoman geraldine ferrero as his running mate, setting the stage for sarah palin two decades later. he had expectedly tried for a senate comeback. mondale was asked to replace paul wellstone on the ballot
6:31 pm
when he died in a plane crash before the 2002 election, but mondale lost the senate seat he once held. >> and in what is obviously the end of my last campaign, i want to say to minnesota, you always treated me decently. >> earlier today, i had a chance to sit down with the former vice president. we discussed a lot of stuff, but i asked him for some specific advice for the current president of the united states. let's go through some current issues right now. you were vice president. jimmy carter was a one-term president. how worried are you right now, if you are worried, that barack obama will be a one-term president? >> i think he's going to be a two-term president. but there's a lot of problems weighing on this administration. i think it depends on how he handles all of them, but i think that he's -- he's going to make it through the second term.
6:32 pm
it looks that way to me now. >> what does he need to do to avoid having the same fate as jimmy carter, being a one-term president? >> he's got to connect with the american people. he's got to -- the american people have to feel that the president senses and -- and the suffering they're going through and wants to be a part of the solution. he's got a lot of strength, but that connectivity, that ability to -- to transmit the fact that he feels for people, i think, is something he needs to work on. i notice he's doing more of these backyard events where he gets in close with a small group of people. i think that's part of what he should do. >> he's not feeling people's pain the way bill clinton was capable of feeling pain. why is that? why do you think he's not capable, at least so far, of
6:33 pm
really doing that? >> well, i've seen places where he's done it. the milwaukee speech, i thought, was terrific. i think some of these backyard events are terrific. but i -- but i think he -- he's very bright. matter of fact, brilliant. and i think he tends to -- and he uses these idiot boards to read speeches in television and i think he loses the connection that he needs emotionally. with american voters. >> you're talking about the teleprompter that he always has when he's delivering a formal speech. >> right. >> you don't think that works. is that what you're saying? >> yeah. i think, you know, if you're looking at the teleprompter, you're here, you're here, you're here. and you're -- your audience is right there. and i think he needs to do more of that. >> a fair point. there's certainly an angry atmosphere across the country right now. the tea party movement, clearly is gaining strength.
6:34 pm
what in your opinion is causing this anger? >> i think people are terribly frustrated. i think they don't see big issues being resolved. a lot of people are hurting. unemployed. it's really a protest movement in my opinion. >> how worried are you about this protest movement? >> you know, i -- this idea of protesting, of having third parties, is an old american experience. it's entirely appropriate. these things flare up when the nation is having problems. what i don't like is the kind of ridged polarized, harsh rheto c rhetoric, my way or the highway
6:35 pm
approach. i don't think we'll ever solve our problems by shouting at each other. >> here's what ben stein, who is well known to our viewers, former speech writer in the nixon administration, what he told me the other day. i want to play this clip, mr. vice president, for you. >> yeah. >> i think many americans, both republicans and democrats, are still uneasy with an african-american president. i don't think that -- that america lives in a post-racial world entirely. a lot of it does, but a lot of it doesn't. there is some still -- still some undigested feelings about that. >> do you agree with ben stein? >> you know, i lived in this country at a time when we had segregation. i was in the middle of all the civil rights fights in the '60s and the '70s. and thank god we've gotten rid
6:36 pm
of official discrimination. in other words, governments can't do that to each other. thank god. but it's always a possibility that some of that feeling in people's hearts still is there. it doesn't make it laudable. but the law can't go there. so could it be true in some cases? possibly. but i would never accuse somebody of being a racist, but i do believe there must be some lingering residue from those old days in which some people find it hard to accept having a president -- ironically, you know, he's got a white mother and a black father. should make those people think about that. >> i guess what ben stein is saying is that there are some people that can't stomach the fact that we have an african-american president, and i wonder if you think that's a significant number or just a fringe element. >> see, i don't know. i think -- i think it's out there. but i have no idea.
6:37 pm
and i've not seen any polls or -- or anything else that would help me answer your question. >> the former vice president, walter mondale, earlier in the day. caught on tape. the gop candidate trying to beat harry reid in nevada. sharron angle tries to convince another candidate to drop out of the race. we have the audio coming up next. weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: pix. ...maxwell! mom: you're home. piy:h,ol, anks mrs. a. anncr: geico. minutes could save you 15% or more. to everyone who wants to go to college and everyone who started college but never finished... to late bloomers... full-time moms... and everyone who is good at something but wants to be great. welcome to kaplan university.
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6:40 pm
she's trying to unseat harry reid. now, an eye-popping records has surfaced of sharron angle trying to make a deal with a third-party rival. john king is here to discuss. i'm going to play this little clip. it's hard to understand. we've covered it with words. i want to play this and then we'll talk about it.
6:41 pm
>> she's trying to convince someone to drop out of the race. but this is pretty explosive. >> it is. sharron angle won the republican nomination with the help of the tea party express. there's a nevada tea party group that she questions the legitimacy of. she's saying you have to get out of this race because i can't have the split. get out of the race. if you get out, when i get to washington, if i win, you'll make big friends in washington and it will help you down the road. number one, that's pretty unusual, but everything about this race is unusual. the fact that he recorded this and he admits that he recorded it and gave it to a journalist because he didn't trust her. sharron angle trashes, beat up, criticize the republican leadership that now is trying to help her against harry reid. she's going to be here in town tomorrow to raise more money from that same establishment she so criticizes in that recording. >> she's giving a major speech here in town this week. but this race is very, very
6:42 pm
close right now, isn't it? >> that's what makes it so remarkable. this is probably the wackiest race in the country. you can look at delaware, kentucky, and you can say, really, this one? but sharron angle came out of nowhere. one of the candidates that beat an established republican candidate. harry reid has spent a lot of money on negative ads against her. she's talked about privatizing medicare. in a normal year, you would think, okay, she would be out of this race. but it is a dead heat. it is a reflection of how high harry reid's negatives are in the state of nevada that she has remained competitive despite a lot of things that people think are wacky and positions that are outside of the mainstream. >> it's an amazing race, four weeks to go. john, thanks very much. john is going to be back right at the top of the hour on his show, "john king usa." his guest tonight is bill mahr. be sure to stick around.
6:43 pm
taliban militants send a fiery message. details of their latest attack on a convoy carrying supplies to u.s. and nato troops. client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think, "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach.
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6:45 pm
there's been another attack on a convoy in pakistan carrying supplies to u.s. and nato troops next door in afghanistan. as ese fiery assaults are, the message behind them may be even more troubling. brian todd is here, working the story for us. >> in this pattern of attacks, the taliban have had a hand in two of them. it seems the militant group is sending a message that critical supply operations for american and nato troops are fair game.
6:46 pm
an oil tanker burning out of control symbolizing open season on truck convoys from pakistan that supply nato forces in afghanistan. it's the fourth attack in as many days. the taliban claims responsibility for at least two ambushes and says it's created a special squad to target nato supply operations in pakistan. i went over the attack locations with cnn national security analyst peter bergen. one up here in -- not too unusual, but this one, why is that unusual? >> well, you know, the taliban, you know, the taliban stronghold is essentially in this area. so this is a very long way from where they normally operate. the fact that they're operating so far south in pakistan, it's like -- i mean, they're trying to send a message. they originate down here, a massive city and port. right on the southern coast. and then, you know, i think the
6:47 pm
fact that they're sitting convoys here is -- it's not as usual. u usually they hit them up here. >> reporter: some convoys are blocked not by attacks, but from the closure of a critical border gate from pakistan into afghanistan. the convoys have been barred from entering afghanistan since pakistani officials blamed cross-borderna eer nato helicop fire. >> we can't take the risk of letting convoys pass when people are not enraged. >> pakistani officials tell us they don't expect the suspension of the convoys' passage to last too much longer. in the meantime, peter berger tells me u.s. chaommanders have tried to increase the number of supplies coming through the former soviet republics to the north. most of the supplies go through karachi and then up over land.
6:48 pm
makes them very vulnerable to attacks and now they're blocked from going over that one pass. >> thanks, brian, for that. would you like to see donald trump run for president of the united states? jack cafferty is standing by with your e-mail. and the father of sarah palin's grandchild in a steamy new music video. jeanne moos takes a moost unusual look. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 like it's some kind of dream. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's either this magic number i'm supposed to reach, or... tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's beach homes or it's starting a vineyard. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 come on! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 just help me figure it out in a practical, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 let's-make-this-happen kind of way. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 a vineyard? give me a break. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] looking for real-life answers tdd# 1-800-345-2550 to your retirement questions? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 get real. get started. talk to chuck. tdd# 1-800-345-2550
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6:51 pm
time to check back with jack for the "cafferty file." jack. >> question this hour is would you like to see donald trump run for president? "time" magazine's got this story that apparently did some telephone polling in new hampshire. 30 questions about the donald. gordon in new jersey writes, "no. despite his smug know-it-all entrepreneurial arrogance, trump started his fortune the old-fashioned way. he inherited it. remember the last president we had who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but lacked
6:52 pm
all traces of humility? how did that work out?" jeffrey writes, "our entire political landscape is slowly being turned into an embarrassing carnival sideshow, so we hardly need to add yet another dysfunctional participant to our washington-based version of the jerry springer show. however, considering the unqualified tide of human dreck that's currently being shoved down our collective throats by tea party-pandering republicans" -- hey, you do go on. "trump's own sideshow antics could hardly do more damage to us than what appears to be on the horizon." roxy writes, "absolutely. he's a businessman who gets things done, period. i'm a firm believer that he would be the perfect president and everyone knows he would get in there and make real difference for the good of this country. donald trump didn't get to where he is by sitting back hoping for a miracle. he took charge and made great choices for his company." bob writes, "trump for elected office? are you nuts? the guy is out of touch, out on planet zoom-zoom somewhere. the last thing we need is donald trump making decisions that
6:53 pm
affect and control people. nice guy to have a cocktail with on a yacht somewhere but political control, no way." sylvia in california, "i'll take a business man any day over lawyers to run the country. yes, he would get my vote." "no, i think trump's a buffoon with a bad hairpiece who has outlived his usefulness, if he ever had any." carol in massachusetts, "yes. he'd tell everyone in government and the lobbyists you're fired. then he'd start over with economies of scale and run the country like a business. never mind his hair." and annie in new hampshire writes one word, "no. i'm one of those strong, intelligent people they polled in new hampshire." if you want to read more on this, go to my blog, >> see you tomorrow, jack. thank you. jack cafferty with "the cafferty file." the father of sarah palin's grandchild is taking on a new challenge, honing his acting skills in a hot new music video. >> i think it's because she -- [ male announcer ] when it comes to energy bills,
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this just coming in. a federal judge in atlanta is free on bond after his arrest on charges involving drugs, weapons, and a stripper. cnn's brian todd has the late-breaking story for us. a federal judge, brian. what's going on in. >> reporter: that's right, wolf. a federal judge in georgia was arrested on drug and weapons charges after federal agents say that he bought drugs for a stripper with whom he was having an affair. the judge's name is jack t. camp jr., 67 years old. we have the complaint in front of us. here's an excerpt from it. on multiple occasions in the spring and summer of 2010 the
6:57 pm
defendant, "jack t. camp jr., paid c.i.-1," that is the identifier for the stripper in this case, c.i. often stands for confidential informant in these cases, says that he paid c.i.-1 in exchange for sex. "when cam. and c.i.-1 would meet they would often use drugs together including cocaine, roxycodone, and marijuana." it says he began buying drugs for this stripper and carried two pistols during at least one of the deals according to these court papers. there's no immediate word from his attorneys. he was freed on $50,000 bond after his arrest on friday. but again, this federal judge, who was the chief judge for the northern district of georgia, jack t. camp jr., arrested on drug and weapons charges in connection with allegations that he bought drugs for a stripper with whom he was having an affair, wolf. >> brian todd, thank you. brian todd reporting. bristol palin's former fiance is trying to make a name for himself in the world of music video. here's cnn's jeanne moos.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: while bristol palin was dancing with the stars -- ♪ that ain't the way to have fun ♪ >> reporter: -- her ex, levi, was rolling in the hay. ♪ i'm ready ♪ i'm ready co-starring way pop singer named brittany censor as they sensed each other. how was the chemistry really? >> me and levi, we get along really well. he's a really nice kid. >> reporter: the two kids were getting along on the lawn in a new video called "after love," which debuted on e!. ♪ what i deserve is more than what you can give ♪ the plot centers on a mom -- >> what is going on? >> what are you talking about? >> with that boy. >> reporter: who tries to break up the couple. it sure sounds familiar. where have we heard this before? a disapproving mother trying to keep the lovers apart. ♪ you probably think this song is about you ♪ >> it is not about the palins. >> reporter: though the director came up with a plot after levi signed on to the project, they
6:59 pm
picked him because -- >> he's good-looking and he causes a little bit of controversy. we didn't realize it would be so much. >> reporter: true, the plot twists are a bit tricky to follow. the mother calls the police, who stop levi, and then the mother gives him an envelope that causes him to break up with his co-star. >> it's supposed to be kind of a mystery. >> reporter: and if you're wondering what levi does best in this video -- ♪ what i deserve is more than what you can give ♪ -- it is his consummate ear nuzzling. ♪ saying over and over the last time we saw this much nuzzling was back when levi and bristol announced their second engagement. this video helped doom that. bristol called it the final straw when levi flew to hollywood to do a music video "mocking my family." everyone says levi was very professional and cooperative, even when asked to take off his shirt. >> it was funny on set because everybody chuckled when he said it but he actually goe


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